Greencrete: Revolutionizing Concrete

Sustainable Concrete With a Recycled Innovation Solution for a Greener Tomorrow

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What We Offer

At Greencrete, innovation meets sustainability to redefine the world of concrete. Proudly introduced by Pookt, Greencrete is not just another concrete supplier; we are pioneers in eco-friendly ornamental materials. Utilizing advanced recycling technologies and high-quality ingredients, we transform recycled PET waste into premium concrete products.

Greencrete is your go-to source for residential and commercial concrete needs, offering a range of products that bring both aesthetic and functional value to any project. Our mission is to make sustainable development accessible and affordable. Whether you are looking to enhance your garden, pave a new driveway, or install ornamental features in public spaces, Greencrete provides top-tier solutions that ensure durability and environmental responsibility.

Developed by Pookt Pet Waste Solutions

Green Crete is revolutionizing community landscaping with our innovative approach to recycling. At Green Crete, we harness the potential of recycled pet waste to create ornamental concrete products, enriching your gardens, local parks, and city streets. Developed by Pookt Pet Waste Solutions, our unique process involves separating pet waste from plastic and transforming it into a carbonized, granular product. This material is inert, non-soluble, and integrates seamlessly into standard concrete mixes. As Green Crete grows, look forward to seeing our distinctive planters and paving stones enhancing your community spaces, establishing us as a key supplier of eco-friendly, aesthetic concrete solutions.

Why Choose Greencrete?


Every product is crafted using recycled PET waste, reducing pollution and promoting a circular economy.


High Quality

Our proprietary Blash Gold component ensures each product meets the highest standards of strength and longevity.



From garden pavers and statues to large-scale installations & garden ornaments, we tailor our offerings to meet your unique needs.

Pre-Order and Join the Green Revolution

Greencrete is coming soon to markets in Canada and globally. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this sustainable shift. Pre-order today and be the first to experience the innovation of Greencrete in your community or project. Explore our range of products and discover how Greencrete is setting new standards for eco-conscious concrete.

Witness the Future of Concrete

Stay tuned for our upcoming launches and watch as our concrete solutions—including planters, paving stones, and decorative items—begin to transform urban landscapes and private gardens alike. As Greencrete becomes a leading name in sustainable building materials, our commitment to quality and the environment remains unwavering.

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Ready to bring sustainable elegance to your surroundings with Greencrete? Contact us for more information and to view samples of what can be crafted with recycled magic. Together, let’s build a sustainable future, one concrete solution at a time.